Interim Management

Why use Interim Management?

Do you need temporary help to manage your teams? You need to integrate a new activity into your business? You have to manage a change management project? The lack of time requires you to postpone strategic projects?

My areas of intervention in interim management

Organizations are living bodies that evolve over time. By managing your business, you can face difficult situations from time to time.

Interim management ante rimac ar

Temporary Management of Sales & Marketing Teams

« The right (wo)man at the right place »

Sometimes key people in your sales and marketing organization leave. That’s life. Finding the ideal candidate to fill the gap and getting him/her ready can take a long time. But your business does not stop during this time. Absorbing this temporary extra workload in addition to your daily work can be a challenge. To take it up, you should be able to rely on someone.

transition projet avec AR Consultancy

Ensure transition between project mode and operational mode

« The sky is the limit »

You create value, you grow, you develop new activities and at some point you have to integrate them into your organization while preserving the existing business. Not easy. Not easy at all. In order for this transition phase to run smoothly, you may need help.

AR consultancy Ante Rimac

Manage the change

When you started your business, the way you were organized was probably the best at that time. In the meantime, new needs or new channels have emerged, new types of customers have become known, etc. In other words, the market has changed.

Is your organization still well positioned and organized to face these challenges? Maybe you will have to adapt it, see how it works and decide to recruit new profiles. And of course, your business does not stop in the meantime… Hence the interest in Interim Management, which can be a solution to your needs.

The market is changing. Is your organization still well positioned and structured to face these challenges?

Helping you transition during difficult situations

I have led project teams, product teams and sales teams of all sizes in both B2C, B2B and B2B2C environments. For more than 6 years, I also headed the Benelux office of a multinational company. I can certainly help you make the transition to get out from difficult situations.

Are you facing a change situation? Let’s talk about it and see how I can add value to your business.

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