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Why use a sales & marketing consultant?

You need to set up or adapt your business strategy? Are you struggling with your marketing mix? Do you want to improve your sales process or your sales performance?

My areas of intervention in sales & marketing

Sales and marketing ar consutlancy

Sales strategy consulting

  • Definition / implementation of the commercial strategy
  • Definition / implementation of the marketing mix for a successful “go to market” (social media included)
  • Definition / implementation of sales channels
  • Insourcing / outsourcing of the sales force
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Sales Process

  • Definition / implementation of a sales process
  • Definition / implementation of a sales funnel
  • Optimization of the customer journey
  • Alignment of sales process and CRM
  • Sales tools and materials
Sales and marketing Ar consultancy

Sales performance

  • Revision of the sales process in order to increase the results
    • Generation and qualification of leads
    • Opportunity Management
    • Shifting opportunities to sales
    • Improved ability to close sales
  • Management of the sales cycle in terms of duration and conversion rate
  • Effort management (efforts vs. results)
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Sales management consulting

  • Define roles and responsibilities of each member of the sales team
  • Evaluation of sales staff
  • Recruitment help
  • Staff coaching

« Am I ready to sell ? »

Help you to convert your sales & marketing strategy into revenue

For each sales & marketing department, creating value by converting a strategy into revenue is an end in itself. Unfortunately, it’s usually easier said than done. The challenges to achieve this are indeed numerous.


The first of them concerns the marketing phase (go to market) and the marketing mix. It is similar to the question “Am I ready to sell? “.


The next challenge is to find his suspects, who will then become prospects that will be converted into customers.


All this without forgetting to take up the challenge of the generalization of the digital economy, which inevitably impacts the sale and makes it evolve (both in terms of techniques and relationship with prospects and customers).


Sales Management is also in evolution, which is now part of a global approach including communication, marketing and data management (big data). You also need to consider the changes in the management of sales staff, which requires new skills.

Active in sales and marketing for over 25 years, I master all these aspects, both at the theoretical level (for example, 4 P, 4 C, 7 P or 7 C, models MEDDIC or AMPERE, AIDA, ABC, PDP for sellers and many more) and at the practical level. I can help you to better focus your efforts, improve your sales process, manage your channels or open new ones, improve your sales funnel, recruit or evaluate sales representatives, manage internal or outsourced sales teams, launch new products, etc.

Are you facing a specific problem? Do you have a project or plans in mind? You want to know more?

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