Consultant in press relations

Why use the services of a PR consultant?

Do you need to organize your communication? Do you need to make a press release or set up storytelling? Do you face crisis communication? You want to make your communication more coherent? You do not have enough time to do it or you need some advice?

My areas of expertise in communication and press relations

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Organize and control your communication to the outside world

We live in a world of communication where perception becomes reality. More and more from now on, it is our intuitions and emotions that dictate our understanding of a message. In this sense, one who is able to master his/her communication will get a decisive advantage.

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Ensure the consistency of your content to the outside and inside worlds

Being in the driving seat of your business, you need to control your communication, both to the outside world and to your organization. The consistency of the content on which you communicate on both sides of the mirror is, in fact, crucial.

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Set up a storytelling or organize a press conference

You realize great things, let it know! There are a very large number of communication techniques that allow you to communicate with your audience. You can write a storytelling to support the visibility of your achievements and your long projects or you can organize a press conference for ad hoc purposes.

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Manage a crisis communication

You also need to decide which posture you want to take: Do you want to be proactive in your communication or just reactive? Anticipation is key in crisis communication! To react quickly and efficiently during a complex situation, take the initiative and use all your preparation work.

We live in a world of communication where perception becomes reality.

PR advice

Being spokesperson for many years in several organizations, I am used to interact with the written and audiovisual press, to organize press conferences and to react in case of crisis communication.

Building an image takes time. If done correctly, it can highlight all your achievements and amplify your success by creating new opportunities. Responding properly to difficult or crisis situations can also save your business and all the efforts you have invested in your activity.

You have ideas but you aren’t sure how to carry them out? Do you face challenges related to your communication? Let’s talk about it and see how I can add value to your business.

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